From row boats to superyachts
Ramazan Mengi
1964 - 1976
The adventure of Mengi Yay Yachts begins
Founder of Mengi Yay Yachts, Ramazan Mengi was born on April 14, 1953, in Kastamonu, Turkey. While he is just 11 years old, he gets influenced by his father’s background as a craftsman at different boat building companies and decides to go to Ayvansaray district of Istanbul with an eager to understand the logic behind building boats. By constructing rowing and fishing boats, he takes his first steps in his career as an apprentice. With the experience, he gains in 12 years from 1964 to 1976 through the practices he realizes as apprentice, foreman, master, and tradesman decides to open his own workshop in Ayvansaray and join the boat building world.
Muzaffer Yay
Muzaffer Yay Joins The Company
Muzaffer Yay who was born on February 1, 1963, in Kastamonu, joins the company as a foreman with the theoretical & practical knowledge he gained over 15 years. With Muzaffer coming on board, the company fills the remaining expertise in craftsmanship and work discipline.
Muzaffer Yay
Huseyin Mengi Joins The Company
Hüseyin Mengi, the elder son of Ramazan Mengi, was born on February 28, 1972, in Kastamonu. He takes his first step in his career as a trainee with his father at the age of 11. Hüseyin Mengi starts to learn the fundamentals of yacht building and familiarise him self through business life at various departments at Mengi Yay.
Production Shifts To Tuzla
With are solution enforced by the state in 1982, shifting of yachting sector to Tuzla became mandatory.
The workshop of Mengi Yay was relocated to Nuh Industrial Site Cooperative
established in Tuzla by Tradesmen.
First 100 Fishing & Rowing Boats
Until 1985, with the reputation of Ramazan Mengi carries from his old workshop, the company
builds the first 100 fishing and rowing up to 20 meters within 7 years.
With the excellence in craftsmanship and originality, the words spreads
all over the country and purchase orders for longer boats exponentially increase.
Going Over 20 Metres
partners started to undertake larger yachts and ensured them to begin constructing of
Gullets, Kechts, Motorsailor, Motor Yachts and Trawlers over 20 meters.
The Longest Gulet At The Time
Mengi Yay Yachts delivers the longest Gulet at the time with 27.5 meters. The impressive
project called NB6 was completed in just 12 months.
Going For Mega Yachts
With all the current partners teamed up, Mengi Yay Yachts starts to build
mega yachts over 30 meters. These yachts are not only built by Mengi Yay
but also they are exceptionally designed and engineered by the in-house
team following the 1990-2000s design trend.
The Longest Sail Yacht In Turkey
The 36 meters sail yacht "Caglar" meets with blue waters at Tuzla. She sets a
record for being the longest sailing yacht in Turkey at that time.
Huseyin Mengi Takes The Wheel
Ramazan Mengi passed away as a result of a traffic accident he had on May
15, 1996, and his death had been a serious loss for the company. He has his
name written in gold letters in the yachting history with numerous row in and
fishing boats and cruisers he constructed in Ayvansaray and yachts he
launched in his Tuzla adventure during his 32-year professional life began in
1964. After the death of Ramazan Mengi, Hüseyin Mengi carries the path of
his father and becomes the CEO of the company. He directs the company
with a spirit of open-mindedness, passion for sustainable future and
craftsman experience he had in 13 years.
Mustafa Mengi
Mustafa Mengi Becomes A Partner
Mustafa Mengi, junior son of Ramazan Mengi, was born in September 11, 1980 in Istanbul and joins the firm as a partner, bringing along the dedication for building high-end motor yachts and excitement to implement the futuristic innovations.
First Steel Super yacht Contract
Mengi Yay Yachts signs the first
contract to build the first steel yacht.
The Dazzling Sail Yacht Gweilo
Gweilo is a stunning two masted 42 metres wooden schooner style sail yacht. The sailing yacht has classical lines with a traditional style rig and a long keel which makes her very comfortable under sail. Gweilo was exclusively designed by Dykstra & Partners and built a tour Tuzla facility. Gweilo is still one of the most classic and beautifully designed sail yacht in the world.
Defining The Modern Trawler Yachts
40 metre Serenity II features substantial and
contemporary design lines which set a new
exterior design approach for Trawler Yachts. Her
exterior styling is designed by Endaze Design.
6 sheds, 2 buildings and large shipyard land in Yalova were acquired and still owned by
the company. With the current hangars, Mengi Yay Yachts now owns one of the most
largest (19,365 m2) and sophisticated yards that were specifically designed for the new-construction
and refit of luxury motor and sailing yachts up to 130 metres in length.
The Most Fuel Efficient Super Yacht In The World
45 metre Aquarius was built from wooden laminated epoxy and construction materials and advanced methods provide a significant fuel saving, with only 60l/h including both generators at 8.7 knots economic speed. This type of speed and fuel consumption makes her possible to achieve 4138 miles with only 33, 000 litres of fuel. Although her low fuel capacity, Aquarius has also the widest range in class.
Virtus Lines Are Established
For the first time in history of Mengi Yay, 125, 135, 145 Virtus Series are established. A line that is being built from the company’s budget and on market demands. 44 metres super yacht features steel hull and aluminium super structure and scheduled for completion towards the end of 2019. Virtus is a product of innovative and elegant design approach from VYD Studio.

"The new line" has born with Italian design and 50 years of innovative yacht building experience…
3rd Generation
Ramazan Mengi 3rd Generation
Ramazan Mengi
Ramazan Mengi is currently studying Naval
Architecture and Marine Engineering at
Newcastle University in United Kingdom.
He has been working his way through all
departments of the shipyard and getting
familiarise him self by working at various
jobs regarding social media, internet and programming.
Ramazan Yay 3rd Generation
Ramazan Yay
Ramazan Yay has been working at various
yacht design firms as an exterior and
interior designer with his background
coming from his current study of Interior
Design at Okan University.
Ege Mengi 3rd Generation
Ege Mengi
Ege Mengi is currently studying Industrial &
Electrical Engineering at RWTHA Aachen
Technical University. His interest to hybrid
and electrical propulsion systems carries
an essential role for creating innovative
and sustainable super yachts with the
engineering and design approach coming
from Ramazan Mengi and Ramazan Yay.