The true essence of art is creating a product out of an inspiration that meets expertise in manufacturing; Pure custom build outcomes the exclusive combination of innovation and elegancy that exceeds your expectations. As we start each project on a complete blank page and blend into an individual creation based on your experiences, lifestyle and vision, each innovative step unleashes a thrilling joy for the owner and satisfaction for engineers and craftsmen.


After the creative part is semi-formed, the design and engineering team will work close with you to give a form to your dreams with visualized 3D renderings. Together with the owner and their feedback specification, general design, concept, special features and delivery date are formed. As 2 years of building time can change the owner’s ideas and lifestyle, many aspects remain open to revision in later project phases although the base styling is formed.


After a detailed 3D model of the yacht is shaped, it’s used as a reference to design the unique hull of the yacht for advanced engineering calculations and testing where optimization for speed, stabilization and efficiency take place. Every Mengi Yay yacht passes through 13 production stages

2 Years of journey
The harmony of literally hundreds of qualified craftsmen and engineers work together to form it into a single dream as each carry their own benchmark and disciplines. The 2 years of journey involves manufacture planning, metalworking, welding, craftsmanship, hardware installment and finishings. The experienced project management team members are hugely driven and motivated to deliver the most feasible and optimal technical solutions to comply with the requirements of the contract in terms of performance, cost, time, quality and customer satisfaction.


The culmination moment of 2 years work arrives with a bottle of champagne. The newly tested christened yacht launches for the first time in a ceremony where the true joys shared by yacht owner and owner’s family.