Virtus is 43.7 meters long,
8.80 meters wide.
Virtus will be landed in the
water in June 2019.
Aluminium & Steel
Elegant &
Dynamic Design
44-metre Virtus is the product of contemporary and sophisticated design approach, resulting an elegant profile. With no toys visible from the outside,Virtus preserves the spacious layout at 9m beam and her sleek look at any perspective. The glass panes offers a seamless sense of openness onto the world outside and takes a significant role to determine the exterior styling.
For Stabilazation
Virtus features a remarkable stabilazation as a result of Mengi Yay’s pioneering use of anti-rolling hull form which performs an uncommon low-resistant surface effect. With the advanced hull and stabilazation, the additional 4FIN stabilizers ensure to cruise incredibly smoothly under any sea conditions.
Endless Entertaining
Featuring a chic aft Beach Club with 60m2 of leisure space, maximizes easy access to the marine life and a comfortable place to unwind. Although accommodating a 5.2-metre long tender, Virtus offers plenty of space for sunbathing and chilling.
Plentiful Pleasures
Virtus will boast plentiful deck spaces; including a bar, foredeck seating and sunbathing area. The superyacht sundeck is split between as spa pool and an area for sun loungers back aft, while the sheltered cockpit includes an aft-facing wrap of seating for great views out to sea. Exterior dining spaces on the upper deck and sundeck can also be briefly glimpsed in this tantalising clip.