31 August 2019
44m Project Virtus Launched
44m Project Virtus Launched

We are pleased to announce that Virtus will launch on Wednesday 31st of July at Mengi Yay Yachts, Tuzla, Istanbul. After it is transferred on a floating dock, it will be transported to Tuzla Port Authority where Virtus will meet the water for the first time.

Later, it will be taken to Pendik Marina for hardware & furniture instalment and final touch. She is planned to stay here until September 15th and do her sea trials. Following her launch, Virtus became Mengi Yay's second largest motor yacht behind the 45 meter Aquarius. Sea trials will take place just outside of our shipyard.

After the sea trials Virtus will remain in Istanbul Technical University's Tuzla campus while furnishing and interior touches take place before university students are treated to an up-close tour.


Check out the launching video of 44m Virtus touching with the water for the first time. Following the Cannes Show on 15th of September, Virtus is planned to make her first maiden voyage to Monaco Yacht Show on 25th of September.

The very first image of Virtus docked on Pendik Marina.