Solve the next generation of engineering, manufacturing and
operational challenges as we work to secure a crystal clear sea future


It doesn't matter where you come from, where you went to school or what industry you're in--if you've done exeptional work, join us to rethink the future of yacht building


Mengi Yay interns tackle hands-on projects and design challenges, constantly conversations and pushing boundaries. Students may also apply for 20 work day, an immersive program where undergraduates develop technical expertise and prepare for a job at Mengi Yay or beyond


The family yard has some historical way of building yachts, but we refuse to do things the way they've always been done. Motivated by collective commitment to building inspiring yachts, we work to build an inclusive environment in which everyone--regardless of gender, race , religion, age or background--can succeed.


Samet Aslan, Yildiz Technical University 3rd Year

“I entrolled two times here at Mengi Yay as a compulsory internships. For my personal growth, it has been a dazzling experience in terms of just below 500 GT yachts with innovative systems at one of the best yacht builders. I’ve not only participated in front of a computer but also in the field with workers atsteel and outfitting, piping, stainless steel manufacturing and basic naval architectureand marine engineering. The yard has contributed to my growth enourmouslsy for 2D & 3D designs. I strongly recommend all students to take part in the world of Mengi Yay. ”

İlayda, Yildiz Interior Architecture 3rd year

“Hello everyone, I am İlayda 3rd year Interior Architecture student. My internship at Mengi Yay was compulsory and important for office training. I started working as an interior architect coordinator in the team. I visited the boats in Mengi Yay hangars and gathered information about yachts and yacht design. I was looking for answers to some questions. For example, how can I adjust the interior design? How can I create designs that engage the customer? My day progresses by observing and following in the design office and in the field. I am preparing reports on these observations. It was very useful to experience the implementation of the design. I drew furniture sketches and furniture sections and plans for different types of yachts. I would recommend all my fellow students to do an internship here.”


Solve the next generation of engineering, manufacturing and
operational challenges as we work to secure a crystal clear sea future.