We initially offer remote assistance and information for the crew to solve issues on board: our experienced people near you reach you to assist on site. As unplanned matters can never be foreseen, we always keep in touch with your crew to ensure your safety and comfort. You can always trust Mengi Yay's capability of reaching you regardless of the time and location. We welcome yachts to our shipyard in Istanbul when direct assist is required. Your team is in good hands during projects at our shipyard, because our support services take care of all their needs and ensure an enjoyable stay in Istanbul which is a city that is easy to reach by sea and air. It offers excellent accommodations, entertainment, and cultural activities.


As Mengi Yay family, we've always tended to manufacture the yacht with high-end materials and reliable methodologies. Therefore the mean time between failure (MTBF) is minimized. But the dedicated team of after sales which are also happened to be the ones that built the original Mengi Yay are still in place at Mengi Yay, and they remember her well. The team arrives on the job site with all necessary tooling and spare parts needed to perform the job.