8 October 2022
Mengi Yay appeared in TRADEF!
Mengi Yay appeared in TRADEF!

Mengi Yay Yachts, which provides innovative and quality service in the yacht industry, showed up at the Turkey - Middle East Trade Fair held at Kastamonu Kuzeykent Fairground on September 21-24, 2022. Mengi Yay Yachting became the only yacht company in Turkey to participate in this fair, at the fair where it took place with its special stand. With this attitude, Mengi Yay left a memorable mark on the characterization of the power of Turkish companies.

Mengi Yay Yachts, representing the yacht industry at this fair where different sectors took place, shared both the interior and exterior designs, production processes and experiences of the yachts they have built so far with sea lovers.

Mengi Yay Yachts Manager Hüseyin Mengi, who participated in the fair representing the company in this fair where people from all over Turkey came together, stated that the interest in the stand was high and everyone expressed their satisfaction.

Continuing to bring the quality of Turkish craftsmanship to the seas, Mengi Yay Yachts has become indispensable for superyacht production especially in recent years, and with this indispensability, it will continue to represen*t the Turkish yacht industry in future domestic and international fairs. Maintaining the same quality for three generations, Mengi Yay Yachts guarantees its success in this