7 October 2022
Mengi Yay, dynamic with Interns!
Mengi Yay, dynamic with Interns!

Students who want to receive theoretical education at universities and high schools and experience them in a practical way generally prefer to do this at Mengi Yay Yachts. Offering all aspects of the yacht industry in-house, Mengi Yay is a unique company to learn and develop.

Many university and high school students find Mengi Yay because he is one of the leading names in the yacht industry. Interns are appointed under the authority of professional employees and work with this system five days a week. In Mengi Yay, an office intern can go down to the field when appropriate and have the opportunity to observe in this way. This allows him to obtain permanent information about the production process. The addition of young individuals to the active process throughout the company supports the dynamic structure of Mengi Yay.

Full Experience

Mengi Yay employees share many positive experiences and good moments with the interns. The company, which recruits interns every month, with an increase in this period due to the school holidays in the summer, offers internship opportunities to students who continue their education. In Mengi Yay, where interns have a high visibility within the company, students gain a lot of experience in a short time and add these experiences to their infrastructure. One of the reasons why many trainees prefer Mengi Yay in the yacht industry is that Mengi Yay is a leading company in the yacht industry not only in Turkey but also around the world.

Let's take a look at the experiences and thoughts of some of the students who have recently had an internship at Mengi Yay and have been assigned to different positions.