8 October 2022
Mengi Yay, is expanding it's shipyard in Tuzla!
Mengi Yay, is expanding it's shipyard in Tuzla!

Mengi Yay is pleased to announce the expansion of its facility in the Shipyards area of ​​Tuzla, Istanbul, where the heart of yacht production beats.

The facility, which is 15 kilometers from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, was purchased in 1983 from the Nuh Industrial Site Cooperative under the name 'Mengi Yay Atölyesi'.

First established in 1964, Mengi Yay Yachts has created eye-catching yachts by combining the quality of Turkish craftsmanship with Italian design and sophisticated Dutch architecture for the last 58 years.

Designing quality interiors, designing a personalized living space and handcrafting quality materials in the right way is all about managing a highly skilled team of experts. Mengi Yay is one of the yacht manufacturers that has departments within the company created with experts in their fields. The master team of equipment, electric, electronics, carpenters, painters, welders, cnc operators, project engineers, interior architects and all team members is as long as the list of what it takes to build a custom Mengi Yay yacht.

The combination of excellent Turkish craftsmanship and constant innovation has been the driving force behind the Mengi Yay brand. The experienced interior designer staff in the company is the guarantee of consistent quality and special design works that trigger the imagination of both customers and designers. There is no concept of impossible task in Mengi Yay. It is one of the secrets behind Mengi Yay's award-winning superyachts, to position young talents within the company, to provide them with experience and to invest heavily in their training.



Mengi Yay Yachts Chairman Hüseyin Mengi, commenting on the Turkish yachting industry: "I want to tell the young people that this profession is a very good profession. It relaxes people psychologically because you produce, design something and you see it floating in the sea. You have your labor in everything from its propeller to its antenna. Besides, it is a profession that has a very good future and is open to development. World-renowned people can be your customers. Yachting industry is a rising star both in the world and in our country."











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