14 January 2023
Noluyo Ya ¿ team visited Balmy and Mengi Yay Shipyard.
Noluyo Ya ¿ team visited Balmy and Mengi Yay Shipyard.

  After Enes Yılmazer, Ceyda Kasabalı and Fırat Albayram first had a wonderful tour on the Balmy yacht. Everyone laughed when Fırat imitated Enes Yılmazer from time to time from the moment he set foot on the yacht with his usual energy; At the same time, we must say that it was a full tour with the information it gave about BALMY.

     While Ceyda and Fırat, who toured almost every part of BALMY, talked about the special design and minimalistic structure of the yacht, the Mengi Yay team was very happy to convey the fine details that were specially produced without skipping. For example, they saw the minimal details of the furniture at the level of art and shared it with their audience. This showed us how important even the smallest details are for Mengi Yay. They also stated that, as usual, Mengi Yay's furniture and furniture in all processes are designed specifically for the yacht according to the wishes of our customers.

     Before leaving Balmy, Ramazan Mengi from Mengi Yay and his team celebrated Ceyda Kasabalı's birthday with a surprise cake that was a precious memory for Mengi Yay.

     After the Balmy tour, Ceyda and Fırat went to Mengi Yay Shipyard where they experienced the construction stages of our Virtus 47 yachts. Virtus saw for themselves that our yachts were completely handcrafted and went through many stages. They received information about the state-of-the-art production techniques of our Virtus series yachts.

     We had a lot of fun during the video, we hope you like it. For more news and content about Mengi Yay, stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter. You can find the link to the video, which is full of every moment, below.