12 March 2019
Restructuring within the Company
Restructuring within the Company

We are glad to inform that Mengi Yay's infrastructure is now under improvement in terms of completely renovation of our website, shipyard, offices and the company's working structure. As Mengi Yay implements the vision to employees and subcontractors mindset and build a dream but also being fully innovative to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy without compromising from the highend quality.

We have expanded our construction facilities and pledged to introduce a number of environmentally sustainable measures. The construction facilities now measure 18,365 sqm while all hangars are in the process of being renovated. Upgraded of our facilities to better suit its craftsmen and engineers.

“As the history teaches us the great innovations don't come from huge companies but come from companies who try to make the world a better place.”

This includes a pledge to fund the planting of replacement trees to counteract the yard’s environmental impact, and to introduce fully electric and diesel propulsion engines into its new builds within five years.

The pledge will help Mengi Yay achieve our ambition to “transition to sustainable energy without compromising from the high-end quality”.

Mengi Yay will also be pioneering the creation of a new division that will produce software that will measure a yacht’s power management system and make autonomous decisions to reduce fuel consumption on board. The measures are part of company-wide improvements affecting our shipyard and offices, company working structure, website and mobile app.

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