16 November 2020
Seleda Arrived for Refit
Seleda Arrived for Refit

Seleda is currently at the Mengi Yay Shipyard for her refit!

As Mengi Yay we are pleased to announce that 27m Seleda has arrived for her refit.

  • Exterior styling by Mengi Yay Yachts and Interior design by BTA 
  • Accommodation for total 8 guests and 4 crew
  • Custom-made for the owner

As Mengi Yay Yachts, we offer lifetime support and every passing 5 years on sea, we invite Mengi Yay yachts for a renovation. After her attendance at Tuzla Boat Show, on 16th November 2020, Seleda was taken into our shipyard in Tuzla as she was launched in 2015, she was ready for her refit. Her refit will be completed at the end of December 2020. 

Refit Areas:

       1. General maintenance 

 According to our refit policy, we distinguish the new build and refit departments to achieve maximum efficiency regarding refit time, quality, and cost. After sales and refit have always been our primary focus to sustain excellence. During refits we concentrate on combining the original structure of the yachts with the latest insights on interior & exterior design and technological developments.

  1. Maintenance and improvements to engine room

We use trusted engine specialist subcontractors network working like an extension of the shipyard. Our highly skilled engine subcontractors’ teams arrive on the job site with all necessary tooling and factory-certified parts needed to perform the job. All rebuilt components are thoroughly tested before being put into service — and tools are regularly calibrated to ensure pinpoint accuracy. Insulation will be doubled in the engine room to reduce the noise and vibration within the yacht to increase the owner’s comfort. Furthermore, an actuator will be installed to generate noise insulation. Exhaust covers will be improved, and anti-vibration mount leg will be added.  

  1. Paint maintenance

We are working with the world's leading marine painters, and Seleda’s distinct blue hull will be recoloured to the same colour in order to have a spotless finish. 

  1. Interior design in VIP cabin

 Leather used in the VIP cabin will be refurbished. Furniture used in the cabin will remain same however certain amends will be made to the wardrobe door. Walls in the VIP cabin will be refitted. 

  1. RINA

Mengi Yay normally does not organise a RINA survey after 5 years however, due to our strong bond with the owner, a RINA survey will be held for Seleda. As RINA survey and the full refit process started at the same time, Seleda will be released much sooner than the original expected date. 


Another important news concerning Seleda is that she is currently on sale. All of her maintenance will be completed after the refit and she will be in perfect condition ready for her potential new owner. Anyone interested in further details about Seleda, please get in contact with us through information provided on our website.