The Common Perfection
All of our yachts, from the design to the launching into the water, are carried out with great care by the expert team working in cooperation with the industry's leading shipbuilding engineers. Behind this dream, which is prepared with every detail thought and tested, lies the union of highly reliable infrastructure, experienced and perfectionist Turkish engineering and craftsmanship. Although their distinctive designs from customer's experience and thoughts, every Mengi Yay Yacht ever launched offer a unique quality and benchmark as the final product of perfectionist craftsmanship that has been passed down the generations.
A Compilation of Hundreds of Dreams

As each craftsman carry their benchmark, the ultimate collection of hundreds of dreams form into a single vision. This harmony operates under hard work, dedication, and experience which are bonded throughout the decades of knowledge by the great people of

A new custom build project gets executed under full integrity between 250 employees who carry out many elements of visionary innovative and modern methodologies. Although Mengi Yay works with many subcontractors, the integrity and alignment of quality sustain through vision implementation.