Everything starts with a sparkle growing like a snow ball to existence; designer’s ability to form a way of life from Customer’s initial ideas. A challenge where you lead and we follow. At this point there is nothing impossible for us. Being fully creative will intercept at the crossing route of our dreams.

Synchronization of minds

The key point in this process is to reach the client’s mind. That’s why we take our time to get to know your lifestyle, vision and priorities. After complete exchange of ideas, seeds start to grow in the yard. Chasing the perfection relentlessly, knowing that it can never be attained. As an outcome, we always catch excellence.


In summary, every Mengi Yay yacht passes through 7 production stages and just as many hands, all guided by our commitment to uncompromising craftsmanship. From the first keel to launching, every element is carefully chosen and meticulously put into place. And before it leaves the nest, our quality assurance team inspects the yachts, ensuring no detail is overlooked.


Since our customers have their individual vision of true interior, our aim is to have their tastes, habits, and style define their yacht. Sometimes houses prove to be a good starting point for understanding the style most suited to their “next home”. We offer the leading international designers as well as company's in-house well experienced and highly productive design team for both turn-key design solutions and support customer choice designers from around the world. They are in charge of developing individual interior design projects, whose purpose is to advise our clients by creating optimal, tailor-made solutions.