It is not only building a yacht but also preserving our yachts' condition while they are on service. No one can understand what the yacht is feeling better than us. It is highly essential for us to retain the original philosophy of your yacht. During this process, we work very closely with your captain and crew as they know you for years and your lifestyle. Overall ideas reveal perfectionist craftsmanship and 55 years of experience.


Refit Policy: Specialised refit department
As Mengi Yay, we are very keen to distinguish the new build and refit departments to achieve maximum efficiency regarding refit time, quality, and cost. After sales and refit have always been our primary focus to sustain excellence. As the owners of the company come from craftsmanship, both new build and refit build precisely on budget and time.


No need to worry about where or how to manage your refit process. Workforce can easily reach wherever you are. We initially offer remote assistance and information for the crew to solve issues on board: our experienced people near you contact you to assist on site. We are enablingyour yacht to be on your sight while it's being transformed to her second life. We welcome yachts to our shipyard in Istanbul when direct assist is required. Istanbul is a city that is easy to reach by sea and air. It offers excellent accommodations, entertainment, and cultural activities. As we support general requirements for your crew, the refit becomes a joy for them.


We concentrate on combining the original structure of the yachts with the latest insights on interior & exterior design and technological developments.

  • interior
  • Esxterior
  • Engine Room Services
  • Electric & Automation
  • Hydraulics & Mechanics
  • Painting, fairing and finishing
  • Composite Repairs
With Mengiyay, you will find the accuracy, attention to detail, and reliability that you expect of any professional service. In addition, we combine a high level of craftsmanship with an understanding of the specific requirements of materials for marine decoration. We can offer you production, repairs, modifications, and installation of high-quality interior furniture following the needs of the designers or the yacht owners personally. Lets us identify the original materials fitted in yachts during their construction. With this information, we can trace replacement materials or, if those materials are no longer distributed, we can identify suitable alternatives.
We are very proud to offer a wide range of custom quality exterior yacht deck furniture with varnish, including wooden boat handrails, jacuzzi flaps, garage walls, and other custom wooden accessories for your project. All products arrive on board fully prefabricated in our workshop and ready to fit, which minimizes the installation time enormously.
Engine Room Services
We use trusted engine specialist subcontractors network working like an extension of the shipyard. Our highly skilled engine subcontractors teams arrive on the job site with all necessary tooling and factory-certified parts needed to perform the job. All rebuilt components are thoroughly tested before being put into service — and tools are regularly calibrated to ensure pinpoint accuracy.
Electric & Automation
Within Mengi Yay, in-house electricians and automation system integrator play an essential role in the refit process, they proved their capabilities with the execution of hundreds of projects in the past. The projects ranging from the overall coordination and engineering of electrical installation works and fully integrated automation systems on yachts to the overall coordination of the engineering and automation, propulsion, power generation, and distribution system. The key to the success of these, most sophisticated and comprehensive projects, is adequate project management and technical coordination by Mengi Yay.
Hydraulics & Mechanics
Team of dedicated engineers and technicians of Mengi Yay are skilled experts in analyzing and resolving problems related to hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic systems they are committed to performing complete repairs and replacement aboard any vessel, ensuring the most exquisite workmanship and performance of your equipment.
Painting, fairing and finishing
Our paint shop can serve for yachts and motor boats at any sizes. Working with the world's leading marine painters are teams of fully qualified application specialist offer a high level of expertise and service of all types of boats.
Composite Repairs
Composite works in new building and refit are highly complex and require expert skills and knowledge to ensure its carried our correctly. From a carefully calculating exactly how much fiber material and resin is needed, make sure that the yacht is as light as possible without losing any structural strength when under load to carefully feathering in repairs, to creating a smooth need finish around a mold, composite construction and renovation is both a science and a fine art.